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Mike Schelin and OpeeMike Schelin and Opee

Opee “The Off-Road Puppy” is a licensed California Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog, and a Search and Rescue Dog with the Rescue X EMS, Orange County Urban Search and Rescue.

What draws the most attention to Opee and his companion Mike Schelin is not their ongoing service to the community, but their adventures on the back of Mike's motorcycle. Mike learned early on that Opee had a love for jumping on the bike when he was getting set to ride.

Opee, a 70 pound blue merle Australian shepherd, became Mike's best friend right way. "There was something about him. He's had charisma since Day One. I knew I had a dog who could make a difference," said Mike.

Together Mike and Opee have raised thousands of dollars for different non-profit organizations and share their time with children at his ranch home in Perris, California.

“I was blessed with a dog that 8 years ago started making a difference in hundreds of lives,” said Mike who continued, "I feel blessed everyday knowing first hand the difference Opee has made. Opee is my best friend in the whole world."

Mike is an avid pet lover, has three dogs, two horses and lives in Perris on a small ranch known as Miracle Flats. The dogs, horses and Mike like to raise funds for and work with autistic and handicapped children in their spare time at the ranch. They also can be seen visiting the Miller Children's Hospital and the Loma Linda Children's Hospital and various Senior Centers giving “Demo Shows” of Mike on his motorcycle with Opee riding shotgun. Opee and Mike also assist with the Urban Search and Rescue and EMT when that special need arises.

When Opee was a puppy he picked up motorcycling and fell in love with it. Mike and Opee have been in many off road races coast to coast including the Baja 500 in Mexico. They have been featured in thousands of magazines, papers, commercials, internet sites and movies around the world.

Opee and Schelin race, but not to win. Because they're different and for safety's sake, they always start in the rear and they only compete with the cyclist in front of them. Since safety always comes first, Opee has a custom helmet, neck roll, inflatable body protector, goggles, jersey, hydro pack and medical kit.

CANIDAE is proud to support Mike and his unique "motorcycle loving" dog Opee as they held raise funds for children in need and support their community.